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Prof. Dr. Helmut Schleicher

Natural Stone Investigations


petrographic analysis

natural stone provenance

building restoration

natural stone damage

petrographic examination


Petrographical, mineralogical and geochemical investigation of natural stones

Qualitative and quantitative petrographic analysis by polarizing microscopy on thin sections

Determination of constituent minerals, texture, degree of alteration

Petrographic examination according to EN 12407

Microscopic investigations on thin sections using polarizing microscopy are the basis of any mineralogical and petrographical examination of natural stones. Not only the exact composition, but also textural and structural features are evident for the expert, together with possible transformations of minerals and degree of alteration and freshness.

Additional analytical methods such as ore microscopy, X-ray diffractometry and electron microprobe (to determine the chemical composition of constituent minerals) enable the comprehensive characterization of any natural stone.